Usability Evaluation

Test, Compare and Improve

Your website, application or product will be evaluated by a highly trained ux professional.

Our Usability Evaluation services can help you test your product or website’s ease of use. Your site or application will be assessed against industry standard usability guidelines by a highly trained user experience professional. And the best part is, small improvements can often yield big returns.

With our information architecture expertise, you’ll discover how small changes to things like the labels used for navigation can result in dramatic increases in conversion. With our interaction design skills, we’ll assess how users complete tasks and where they have problems.

Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation services can be useful before, during and after projects.

Benchmark usability on your current product or website, so you can evaluate how changes impact your users. Or, compare your current website to the new version you’ve developed before it goes live. Evaluating your current product before redesign begins can give you a baseline to guide both design improvements and the addition of new features.

Services, Methods and Deliverables

  • Card Sorts
  • Usability Assessments
  • Usability Testing

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