City of Edmonton – Intranet Site

Project Description

Affective Design lead user research and usability testingĀ of the City of Edmonton intranet and internet sites.

When the management at the City of Edmonton asked us to help ensure the usability of their employee intranet, we saw an opportunity to provide City of Edmonton employees with a tool that was more useful, usable and desirable.

Affective Design partnered with the team at Yellow Pencil on the information architecture and interaction design components, while Yellow Pencil handled the visual design and build of the intranet site.

City employees visit the eCity Intranet to accomplish a large number of tasks including locating information on internal city policies and employee benefits, accessing city software applications and ordering technology products. Corporate communications uses eCity to communicate internal news to employees.

Employees needed a site that would allow them to easily accomplish these tasks, while management needed a channel for communicating out to the employees. The redesign of the eCity Intranet offers both ease of use and intuitive information architecture. The intranet provides an important and effective internal communication channel for conversations between management and staff.

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