About Us

For over 14 years, Affective Design has delivered dozens of successful projects for clients that include the Province of Alberta, ApplyAlberta, the Alberta Public Service, the Edmonton Public School Board, DDB Canada and ATB Financial.


Affective Design has created and managed a new information architecture for Canada’s sixth largest metropolitan area, redesigned the trip planning experience for Edmonton’s public transit system, designed Canada’s first, open data, provincial dashboard for the province of Alberta, and helped redesign ATB Financial’s custom CRM software.

Our Founder

Affective Design was founded by Trevor van Gorp. With a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Master’s degree in industrial design (focused on emotional design for user interfaces), Trevor employs user research and a deep understanding of fundamental design principles to help tame the complexity of modern applications and websites. He draws upon this education and over 20 years of design experience to help delight users, while ensuring his clients surpass their business goals.

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Writing & Ideas

Trevor van Gorp is one of the co-authors (with Edie Adams) of Design for Emotion, an award-winning book used to teach design students in schools all over the world how to design for emotion and personality. Trevor’s ideas, commentary and deliverables have also appeared in the books:

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