Design for Emotion

Coauthored by Trevor van Gorp (Affective Design) & Edie Adams (Microsoft), Design for Emotion was named one of the top 100 Best Product Design Books of All Time, and is a textbook at universities and colleges around the world.

About the Book

Design for Emotion is your guide to creating emotional products, apps and websites. Based on Trevor and Edie’s combined experience of over 30 years in graphic, interactive and industrial design, user interface design, human factors, ergonomics, product management and product innovation, Design for Emotion will help you use emotion and personality to create products, applications and websites that are more useful, usable and desirable.

Design for Emotion:

  • explains the relationship between emotions and product personalities
  • details the most important dimensions of a product’s personality
  • examines models for understanding users’ relationships with products
  • explores how to intentionally design product personalities
  • provides extensive examples from product, web and application design
  • includes a simple and effective model for creating more emotional designs

Design for Emotion addresses the basic questions around designing emotional experiences; why, what, when, where and how do we design for emotion? You’ll learn why you should be incorporating emotion into your design process. You’ll discover what creates emotional responses along with when and where to apply emotional design principles. Finally, you’ll learn how to use design elements to trigger emotional responses.

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